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NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd And EMV Nanomaterials (Pty) Ltd Signed TECHNOLOGY LICENSE AGREEMENT

2018-08-16 12:17:00
 On August 16th, 2018 ,NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd and EMv Nanomaterials Pty Ltd, a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the South Africa,signed a technology license agreement with the following background :

  A.NMT has developed processing know-how and technology to produce Nano-precipitated Calcium Carbonate (hereinafter referred to as the “NPCC”)
  B.EMV wishes to license NMT’s High Gravity Control Precipitation technology for the manufacture of NPCC using NMT’s proprietary materials and suitable raw material supply of limestone or quicklime.
  C.This Agreement sets forth the terms of the license granted by NMT to EMV.
  D.In connection with this Agreement, NMT itself or through its Affiliates is agreeing to provide transfer of technology know-how, services and processing plant for the establishment of a NPCC processing Facility using High Gravity Control Precipitation Technology (hereinafter referred to as “HGCP”) as detailed in an Engineering and Supply Agreement between NMT and EMV dated on or about the date of this Agreement.

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