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Motic Electric and Global Unity jointly funded Motic Electric Energy Technology in Shenyang

2017-10-09 14:00:00
Under the new economic situation, our country is faced with the dual pressures of environmental energy and economic development, and the demand for energy production and consumption revolution is very urgent. To some extent, “the internet can save the energy industry” has become a possible direction for the development of the energy industry. Smart energy will become an important link for the combination of the internet and traditional energy sources. China’s smart energy revolution will launch a huge market for energy markets.
Global Unity (Xiamen) and Motic Electric have recently jointly funded the establishment of Shenyang Motic Electric Energy Technology holding 29% of shares.
Through the overall power resources in Shenyang and established energy internet, Shenyang Motic Electric Energy Technology will use advanced regulatory tools to participate in the integration of distributed power resources in Shenyang. Its core business mainly comes from the construction of energy internet platform of enterprises and the project investment construction and contract energy management based on the energy internet platform, the integration of distributed energy projects both at home and abroad and other related business consulting.
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